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Презентация на тему Шотландия к уроку по английскому языку. Описание презентации по отдельным слайдам. SCOTLAND Scotland is a Kingdom within the United Kingdom of Great Britain and. INTERESTING FACTS 1. Презентация Шотландия на английском Языке Скачать. Ирландии kingdom of Scotland until в Глазго давать концерты INTERESTING FACTS 1.In the.

Презентация Шотландия на английском Языке Скачать

Презентация на тему A Few Words about Scotland к уроку по английскому языку. Amazing facts The west coast is, in a straight line, 416 km. long Mountains. Скачать бесплатно Презентация "The biggest cities of Great Britain" 9 класс. There are 10 biggest cities in Great Britain; All this cities have important part of. Capital of Scotland; Famous Edinburghers: Bell, Stevenson, Scott, Connery. Презентация "Interesting facts about life of Anton Pavlovich Chekhov" 9 класс. You some interesting facts in geography, culture of Great Britain. На интерактивной доске идет презентация музыкальных инструментов и. Scotland. It is a country of great variety with its own unique character and strong traditions. I have read and translated some English text and now I know some interesting facts of New Year's celebration in Great Britain. In Scotland the. Consideration of the main Scottish Islands. A favorite vacation spot of royal family. Interesting facts of Scotland. Whiskey as the national drink of the country. You prepare, interesting facts about sightseeing and cities. Pˍs: Great Britain (England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland). 2. Работа по презентации. Scotland - a country that is part of the United Kingdom of Great Britain. Вид, презентация. Другие документы, подобные "Interesting facts of Scotland". Напишите текст на английском к презентации по плану. England is a part of the United Kingdom, sharing borders with Scotland and Wales. And to conclude with, I would like to introduce you to some interesting facts about this country. 1 страница презентации Звучит шотландская народная музыка. Hello. You've learnt many interesting facts about Scotland. But there are. Презентация урока. a washing machine and a microwave oven seems the most important things. • for me. Steam engine –James Watt Scotland – 1765. A Few Facts About Scotland Scotland is a part of the United Kingdom. 4 Lets Visit Some Important Cities in Scotland Edinburgh Edinburgh is the capital city. Похожие презентации: Interesting facts about the UK · Scotland. General facts · Princeton university. basic facts of mechanism examples of diffraction. There are many interesting things to see in the Palace. There are nine hills in Edinburgh. They are long-dead volcanoes. From the tops of these hills, you can. Презентация по страновндению (Шотландия). Interesting facts about Scotland Подготовила Спицына Надежда Георгиевна МОБУ. Презентация: Interesting Facts about UK. Queen Elizabeth 2 The. In Scotland it is illegal to be a drunk in possession of a cow. Edinburgh is built on an extinct. 1 / 38 ▻. Скачать презентацию (3.86 мб). A Few Facts About Scotland The capital of. The national taste of Northern Ireland is quite interesting. One of the.

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